About using a DJ System.

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What you can do in a,  DJ is that I can mix any music I want. It is fun to use a turntable or just a reaguler one. It also fun cause you can put old records. Like 80′ songs. Like This DJ System. You can be creative when you use it. I used a DJ System called “Torq,” that is the one in the middle hear. It has different effects. You can change the voice of a artist, you can scratch, and can record songs that you mix. Almost all of the them do the same thing. The mark I like to use is called ” Numark”. There a lot of options to choice. So I just call my mix music DJ Killer. And that is all I have to say, DJ Killer out.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Some people may wonder, “How many liks does it takes to get to the center of a Totsie Pop?” Will, this Holloween that happen in 2010, I got a Totsie Pop and thougt if I should figure out how many liks does it take to get the center of a Totsie Pop and I did it. It takes me 445 liks! It takes that long. 2 of my friends saw me do it. friends saw me do it. And that is how many liks it takes to get to center of a Totsie Pop.

Katty Parry

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Katty Parry is a awsome girl. Ilike her singing. One of my favorite sing is California gurls. And teenage Dreams. Snoop Dog sings in the song to in California Gurls. The new CD was solled in 8/24/10. But it only has 12 songs in it. 

The Beatles

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One of my favorite songs is The Beatles. The song that they sing that I like is Help. I like how they sing. When ever I have to do a chore, I hear the song. When ever I am board, I hear the song. There where like the best. When ever I am tired, I hear the Beatles. The Beatles is just a song that makes me relax. And sometimes, when I am really mad, I hear it and makes me feal all better.

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Spirits and Ghost

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Hello, I am Luis Gonzalez and I am going to talk about spirits and ghost.

What I like is ghost and spirits. Sometimes, I see it on TV. I think ghost are amazing things that live in this world. Sometimes, I see it on ” The Scarest Place in America.” or on ” Ghost Hunter “. When I first saw ghost on TV, I thought it was fake. But when I see it on TV again and again and again, I thought that they are where real. I sometimes go to the Libary and gets books about ghost and spirits.

There wasone time when my cousins came over to my house and there where in the living room and wacthing TV. They said it turn on and off. My mom said that the volume was going loud and silent. There was one time when my Dad and my little sister went outside in the night time and said that they saw like a spirit. They also said that it was going to the garage but when my dad was gonna go to the garage he saw that it dissaper. And there was another time when it was the night time and I felt like if someone was tickling me. At first I thought it was my little brother, but then I open my eyes and it was nobody. So I went to sleep again.

On the next day, I was thinking if there was a spirit in our house. So I told my mom if there was a person who lived here and died and she said that yes that someone lived there and died. So I told her that how did he die? And she said that a car crash a tree and it smashed him. So then I was thinking if maby he is in the house but the mistery is unsolved.

Hello world!

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